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Teeth are an important part of our body and personality. A man’s smile tells about his health. A smiling face makes your personality more impressive. Leaves a good impression on those who meet you. Any disease related to teeth not only affects your health but also gives a negative impression about your personality.

If you meet a person who has Pyorrhea and his mouth smells bad, then think what impression he will have on you. Despite having a dynamic personality rough, unkempt teeth spoil the whole impression of a person.

Apart from this, sometimes dental health also acts as an indicator of our overall health. Pain in the teeth and gums gives us indications of some major disease. All that is needed is to diagnose it at the right time. For the body and mind to be healthy, it is necessary that our teeth and mouth are in good condition. ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic CentreDental clinic in Indrapuram takes care of your teeth and smiles and thus can help you stay healthy. ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ offers a wide range of dental treatment and oral care. 

So you have seen how important dental health is for us. Let’s know what Dental Health is and how we obtain it?

What is Dental Health?

Dental diseases sometimes seem so normal to us that most people do not pay attention to them. After prolonged ignorance, the disease becomes serious. Then we rushed to the doctor. Why did such a situation come at all? You already keep your dental health good. But this will be possible only when you have complete knowledge about dental health. Then on the basis of that information, you will not allow your teeth to become unhealthy.

We start this article with the basic concepts. That is the idea of dental health.

Dental health is directly related to overall oral health. In which teeth, gums and tongue are included. Good oral health refers to your good health. While poor oral health shows that your health is not perfect. Sometimes oral health also gives advance warning of major diseases like Cancer. That’s why you cannot be careless about dental health.

Recent reports from the World Health Organization suggest that almost half of the world (45% or 3.5 billion people) suffer from oral diseases. In the case of oral cancer, this situation is even more horrifying. (Source: The Borgen Project)

If we talk about India, 85% to 90% of adults have the problem of dental cavity and 30% of children suffer from a misleading jaw. It’s clear now that dental diseases are a big concern for India. Large number of doctors and dental clinics are playing their constructive role in dealing with this great concern. ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ Dental clinic in Indrapuram is one of them.

Dental & Oral Diseases 

In this section of the article, we will know the types of dental diseases and what are their symptoms?


Cavity is the damage caused to the teeth by decay. This decay can damage the outer layer of teeth (also called enamel) and the inner layer of teeth (called dentin).

Signs and Side effects

The side effects of a cavity will rely on how enormous it is and where it is in your mouth. You might not have any side effects from the outset. They’ll deteriorate as the cavity gets bigger, including:

  • Toothache that occurs all of a sudden
  • Toothache during bite 
  • Toothache during drink anything 
  • Hole in teeth etc.

Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

Inflammation of the gums is called Gingivitis. This is a very common dental problem. Most of the time it healed naturally. But sometimes due to negligence or not getting treatment at the right time, it creates a big problem.So get your checkup done at the right time by visiting ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ Dental clinic in Indrapuram. 

Signs of gingivitis

  • Red gums 
  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath 
  • Discoloration of gums 
  • Receding gums
  • Tender gums etc.


Gum disease is also called Periodontitis. It is caused by the growth of bacteria in the mouth. If treated properly, this disease can be cured. But if care is not taken, the tooth tissue can get damaged. In the end you may lose the tooth.

Signs of Periodontitis

  • Loose teeth
  • Formation of a new gap or space
  • Bleeding gums
  • Red gums
  • Inflammation in gums
  • Extra softness in gums etc.


Cracked/Broken Teeth 

Teeth can break due to many reasons. These include injury to the mouth, chewing something hard, or grinding teeth at night. A broken tooth might damage or feel touchy, however a few cracks cause no side effects. See a dental specialist immediately. Seeking treatment sooner builds the possibilities of fixing a broken tooth.

Symptoms of Periodontitis

  • Toothache 
  • Pain during biting and chewing 
  • Sensitivity towards temperature etc.

Dentists treat  broken teeth with the help of  Bonding, Cosmetic contouring, Crowning, Extraction, Root canal and Veneer etc. treatment. What will be the treatment line in particular case, it depends on how much the tooth has been damaged. All these treatment facilities are available in ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ Dental clinic in Indrapuram. .

Sensitive Teeth 

Many times people feel a tingling sensation after eating something cold or hot. These are the people who have the problem of sensitive teeth. In most cases, it can be cured with a little self-care and abstinence. But if the amount of sensitivity in your teeth has increased too much and it is affecting your work, then contact the doctor immediately.

Causes of sensitive teeth 

  • Acidic food 
  • Brushing too much 
  • Using tooth whitening toothbrush
  • Tooth grinder etc.


Oral Cancer

Such a lump or patch in the mouth can be cancer which has been present for a long time.

It is often seen that mouth cancer is detected very late. In the case of cancer, if it is diagnosed at the right time, then the chances of getting cured from the treatment are more.

Oral cancer includes cancers of the throat, tongue, cheeks, lips, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate. Most of the cases of oral cancer are diagnosed by the dentist. If you are visiting a dentist regularly, then cancer can be detected at the right time.

Cause of Oral cancer

  • Smoking
  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Regular Drinking 
  • Family History etc.

Sign and symptoms of oral cancer

  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Mild or severe  pain in your mouth 
  • Suspicious growth or lumps in your mouth 
  • White or red patch in your mouth 
  • Ear pain etc.

If you have any of these dental, oral problems or see any symptoms of the disease, then you should come to ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ Dental clinic in Indrapuram. To protect your teeth from all diseases and for proper care, contact the best dentist in Indrapuram. Visit ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic CentreDental clinic in Indrapuram at frequent intervals before a minor dental ailment can turn into a serious one.

Prevention is better than cure

By the way, it is not a good practice to go to the doctor, when the disease increases. Health conscious people do not wait for illness or symptoms to appear. They are wise enough to visit the dentist twice a year and get a complete checkup of their oral condition. Because doctors catch the symptoms of the disease much earlier than a normal person. If the treatment is given at the right time, the disease does not take a formidable form.

If you have any type of dental, oral pain or symptoms of that then you can immediately consult the best dentist in Indrapuram Dr. Abhijit Nigam and Dr. Isha Sharma.You can easily get medical advice and guidance from these doctors. You can book your appointment by visiting this link.

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Your dental and oral health in safe hand 

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So in the end we can say that taking care of your dental health is not difficult at all. For this, you just need to take a little self-care and a little precaution. Along with this, a good dentist should be visited for regular checkup and advice.