We all should know about healthy food for teeth. If our teeth will be healthy, there will be no dental problems, there will be no worms in the teeth. In this case, your teeth will remain intact and you will be able to eat anything very easily even in old age. For this, it is necessary to include healthy things in the diet, which strengthen the teeth. You must be eating a lot of milk, curd, and cheese, because they contain more calcium and they keep teeth and gums healthy. But apart from milk and curd, there are some superfoods which keep the teeth healthy. These foods remove the problem of cavity in teeth, swelling of gums, pain, and bleeding. Learn here about some best food for teeth.

Our health largely depends on good food. The more healthy food we eat, the more healthy we will be and be able to live a healthy life. Teeth play an important role in allowing food to reach inside our body. If the teeth remain healthy and strong then we remain healthy till old age. If you want to keep your teeth as it is now,  If you want there will be no need to uproot the dentin in old age, there will be no need to install false teeth, then start paying attention to it from now.


Curd cheese is a very healthy food for teeth. It contains plenty of calcium and protein. The good bacteria contained in it kill the germs. This prevents plaque and cavities from forming. However, make sure that you do not eat curd mixed with sugar. If it is sweet, it can harm your teeth.


Carrot is considered a rich source of vitamin A and fiber. Therefore, it is a healthy food for teeth. Eating raw carrots produces more saliva in the mouth, making it easier to digest food, and at the same time, it curbs plaque-forming bacteria, preventing the risk of decay.


Almonds are a highly nutritious dried fruit that is considered the best food for teeth. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, be sure to eat them, because they are a rich source of calcium and protein and contain little sugar.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are very healthy food for teeth, they are low in calories and contain many vitamins and minerals. Including vegetables like spinach and kale in your diet provides calcium to the body, which helps in the formation of tooth enamel.

Dark leafy greens are the best food for teeth, as they are also high in minerals. It strengthens the structure of your teeth. Leafy vegetables have a positive effect on the oral cavity and cardiovascular system, as they increase the production of nitric oxide. These include kale, spinach, kohlrabi, chard and arugula.

Orange destroys harmful bacteria

Orange is the main source of vitamin C, but it also contains calcium and vitamin D. In addition, it contains many elements that keep teeth healthy. Drinking orange juice kills harmful bacteria in the mouth. As a result, the mouth is cleaned. Since orange juice is a natural acid, you should drink its juice and then be sure to clean your teeth. The teeth will be shiny and also healthy.

Grapes and Oranges

A 2005 study found that daily consumption of grapefruits for 2 weeks reduced bleeding gums. In fact, grapefruits, oranges and other citrus fruits are healthy food for teeth. Both grapes and oranges contain plenty of vitamin C. This strengthens blood vessels and connective tissue in the mouth. It counteracts inflammation of the gums.


Milk is considered to be the best source of calcium. That’s why it is also said that milk should be drunk daily. A glass of milk contains about 300 grams of calcium. How much calcium deficiency occurs in the body due to lack of milk. Lack of calcium is the reason for breaking or falling of teeth, weakening of bones. A lot of calcium is also found in products made from milk such as paneer and curd, so include these in your diet regularly. Curd not only provides calcium but it also protects our body from infection. It is the best food for teeth.

Dairy products

Dairy products, such as cheese and butter, are rich in vitamin K2. This nutrient is important for healthy teeth. However, most of the world’s population is probably deficient in Vitamin K2. From this you can estimate their dental health. Other high K2 foods that support dental health include natto, beef, goose liver pate, eggs and chicken liver. Many of these foods are also high in phosphorus.



Spinach and other green leafy vegetables are healthy food for teeth. Chew some spinach leaves. The saliva cleans and protects the teeth. It is also rich in fiber, which is important for dental health.


Plain water

Although pure water is good for general health, it is very good for teeth. Water removes sugars and acidic elements from teeth. It contains fluoride, which prevents tooth decay. In addition, it maintains the shine of the teeth.




The king of fruits, the apple”, is a rich source of iron and very healthy food for teeth. It is able to eliminate iron deficiency in our body. Eating apples increases salivation in the mouth and prevents the formation of caries in the teeth. Eating apples increases the flow of saliva. For this reason, cavities do not form in the teeth.


Nuts are the next food in the series of  healthy foods for teeth . Almonds have been mentioned above. Apart from this, other nuts like cashews, walnuts and peanuts also help us in keeping the teeth healthy. High fiber, magnesium, vitamin A and B6 are found in these nuts, which benefited our teeth.

Vitamin D rich food

Vitamin D works together with vitamins A and B2 to transport calcium to the bones. As a result of which the bones become strong. You must know that our teeth are also bones. Teeth are not only weak due to lack of Vitamin D, but its top layer enamel also becomes thin. A great source of Vitamin D is sunlight.That is why it is said that the body should get sunlight. Although we are talking about food here, let’s focus on it.

Vitamin D is found in large amounts in the yellow part of an egg. You can eat it to keep your teeth healthy. Moreover, there is also a lot of vitamin D in fatty fish. We can easily say that the yellow portion of eggs and fatty fish is the best food for teeth.

Bad food for teeth    

You have come to know which superfoods should be eaten to keep teeth healthy. Let us now also know which food items should be avoided if the health of the teeth is to be maintained.

Citrus Fruits 

Generally, citrus fruits like lemon and orange are healthy for us. These fruits are also very healthy food for teeth especially for sensitive teeth. Nevertheless, the acidic properties of citrus fruits damage the coating of our teeth. This causes the top layer of the teeth to start rotting. To avoid this problem, you should rinse and clean your mouth with water immediately after eating citrus fruits. 

Chocolate or toffee

Who does not like to eat toffee or chocolate? But it harms the teeth. These chocolates and toffees contain artificial sweeteners and chemical dyes that prove to be harmful to teeth. So be careful when eating them, and especially discourage children from eating as much chocolate and toffees as they need.

They stick to the teeth and lead to the formation of bacteria in the teeth. This causes cavities and various problems to form on the teeth. To avoid these problems, drink plenty of water and rinse with water immediately after eating chocolate, etc. Stay away from these things that are not healthy food for teeth.

Carbonated drinks 

If you consume carbonated soft drinks, sports drinks, etc. in excess, there is a possibility that the upper layer of the teeth will become decayed. Even a sugar-free soda diet is bad for teeth, because carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks or sports drinks are also very harmful for our teeth. Sugar-free sodas, diet sodas, etc. are also harmful to the teeth that we think are healthy and drink all the time. But in reality, all these carbonated drinks damage the upper surface of the teeth.


Coffee is also a favorite drink of people. But do you know that coffee in large quantities contains an element called chromogen, which damages teeth. Due to the excess of chromagen, teeth become yellow and many kinds of problems start to come in them. Now we will not have any problem in understanding that Coffee is bad food for teeth.

Pickles and Vinegar

Pickles and vinegar are not considered healthy food for teeth. People know that sugar and cold drinks are bad for teeth, but they do not  think that way about pickles. We eat pickles with great interest. Vinegar is used to make pickles, which itself is a kind of acid. It causes the problem of teeth discoloration and also increases the erosion of tooth enamel. For healthy teeth, both pickles and vinegar should be avoided.


Cold things are not good for teeth. Ice also falls into this category. While water in its normal form is considered extremely beneficial for teeth and health, ice in its frozen form is harmful. Avoid eating it.

Eat healthy food for teeth and stay away from bad and harmful food. This will keep your teeth healthy and strong. In addition to diet, make sure you clean and care for your teeth properly. If despite all these efforts you have pain or decay in your mouth or teeth, then make an appointment immediately with the best dentist in Indirapuram Dr. Abhijeet Nigam and Dr. Esha Sharma.