We all wake up every morning and do the bush. With this our day begins. This is considered the most effective way to remove the bacteria and dirt that grow inside the mouth while eating and drinking throughout the day and sleeping at night. That’s why we are taught the habit of waking up early in the morning and brushing our teeth. By doing this, most people assume that the mouth has been properly cleaned. But doctors do not believe this. According to them, oral hygiene and dental care involves much more than just brushing. If you need guidance on oral hygiene and dental care from a professional doctor, you can visit ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ Dental clinic in Indirapuram for consultation.

Oral Hygiene

Oral health is considered extremely important for our overall health. Oral hygiene is the simple practice of protecting the mouth from any kind of infection and tooth decay. This includes brushing and flossing the teeth regularly.
Along with this, oral hygiene includes going to the dentist at regular intervals and getting a complete examination, cleaning of your teeth and mouth. To protect dental health and maintain oral hygiene contact the best dentist in Indirapuram at ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ Dental clinic in Indirapuram.

Importance of Oral hygiene & Dental care

Viruses and bacteria harm our health, we knew this earlier also. We knew that these can be avoided to a great extent by keeping simple cleanliness of mouth and hand. But after 2019, when the corona virus caused pandemic all over the world, it once again captured our attention how the virus enters in our body through the nose and mouth. Then it ruined our health completely. It has been established once again that there is a possibility of a large number of bacteria or viruses entering our body through the mouth and nose.
During Corona, we witnessed how important the basic rules of hygiene play in maintaining our health.Similarly, some basic rules of oral hygiene and dental care keep us safe from many diseases. Neglecting these rules to be an open invitation for many diseases and increase the problems in your life.

Benefits of oral hygiene and dental care

Dental does take some time, but it is worth it. When you will know what are its benefits and how it positively affects our life, then you will also agree with us.

1. Protect your overall health

Most of the bacteria and viruses that make us sick, enter the body through the mouth. It is not too difficult to understand that if we keep the hygiene of our mouth, we can prevent the carriers of these diseases from entering the body. In this way, we can stay away from things that harm our health.
Let us now understand one by one how oral hygiene and dental health helps us in keeping healthy.

A. Helpful in early detection of oral diseases

When we are conscious about oral health, going to the dentist at regular intervals becomes a habit. Sometimes the symptoms which we do not recognize, the doctors recognize it. They are able to do so because they are medical practitioners. When the diseases are diagnosed at the right time, then half the problem resolves by itself.

B. Maintain lungs health

Sometimes bacteria and viruses directly reach the lungs through your mouth. Coronavirus is one such virus which did not stop only in the mouth and throat, but went to the lungs and caused a lot of damage. By maintaining proper oral hygiene, we can prevent such bacteria/viruses from entering the lungs through the mouth.

C. Decreased risk of cancer

Sometimes bacteria pass through the mouth and enter your bloodstream. From there it becomes possible for them to enter the heart or other very sensitive arteries. The result of which comes in the form of very serious diseases like heart attack. Oral hygiene protects you from these dangers.

2. Healthy gums

Due to the lapse in the mouth and teeth cleaning, plaque accumulates on the teeth. Plaque builds up and causes inflammation in the gums. Due to which gum diseases start to happen later. Simple oral care can save you from gum diseases.

3. Save your money

Oral hygiene and dental care not only saves you from pain and discomfort but also reduces the cost of doctors and treatment. This way it saves your money.

4. Attractive personality

Healthy mouth and teeth not only keep you away from diseases and physical pain, but also play a role in making your personality attractive.
Rough and yellow teeth can spoil the impression of a good personality. If a person has bad breath, no matter how good looking he is, no one will like to sit and talk with him. Oral hygiene saves us from all these problems.

Oral hygiene & Dental care – Do’s & Don’t

Do’s for good oral health

  • Brush twice in a day- Most people consider brushing once a day to be sufficient. But experts say that the best practice is to brush twice a day, morning and night. It is important to brush the teeth because during the day-long eating and drinking, the food particles stuck in the teeth for a long time cause damage.
  • Brush gently
  • Brush properly around each teeth
    After brushing, clean your tongue properly with a tongue cleaner or tooth brush
  • Change toothbrush after 3 months- We buy a brush once and forget whether we have been using it for 6 months or a year. Generally we bother to buy a new brush only when the old one is either lost or not worth it at all. According to doctors, we should replace our toothbrush every three months.
  • Use Floss once daily- Flossing is a good technique for removing fine food particles stuck between the teeth. Although it is not practiced much in India, we should practice it. It is very helpful in dental care.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste- Fluoride toothpaste is far better for our teeth than tooth powder and other things
  • Drink Fluoridated water
  • Eat balanced diet
  • Use mouthwash everyday- Using mouthwash is a good practice from the point of view of oral hygiene. It is considered good to use antibacterial mouthwash. It drives away the harmful bacteria present in your mouth. Rinsing with mouthwash also removes food particles stuck inside the mouth, so that plaque does not build up on your gums.
  • Visit your dentist- You should visit a dentist regularly. Complete examination of your teeth and mouth, cleaning should be done. Even if you can’t go regularly, you must see the dentist once every six months.

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Don’t for good oral health

  • Don’t smoke- Smoking and chewing tobacco are very harmful to your oral health. There is a possibility of oral cancer due to their excessive use.
  • Don’t overbrush- Doctors recommend brushing twice a day. They also said that brushing should not be done for more than 4 minutes. If you rub the teeth excessively, then its enamel layer can be damaged.
  • Don’t take sugar in excessive amounts- Sugar enters into the mouth and converts into acid, which damages the enamel of our teeth. Later, due to these acids, a cavity is formed in the teeth. If you are very fond of eating sweet things, then reduce it first and avoid eating sweets at night.

Indicators of poor oral hygiene

The bad condition of oral health often gives its signs, which we usually ignore. If we pay attention to these signs at the right time, then we can avoid many troubles. Some of the most common symptoms indicating poor oral hygiene condition are-

  • Gingivostomatitis
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum bleeding
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth pain
  • Jaw swelling
  • Loose teeth
  • Sores within mouth

If you are seeing any of the indicators mentioned above or have any kind of problem in your mouth, then immediately visit ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ Dental clinic in Indirapuram. Apart from this, if you need expert advice on oral hygiene, you can take an appointment with Dr. Abhijeet Nigam, Dr. Esha Sharma. and get your problems resolved.

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At the end of this article, we can easily come to the conclusion that with a little effort and medical advice, we can do dental care and maintain oral hygiene. With this little effort, we will get a great wealth of health.