Oral cancer occurs inside the mouth. These can appear as sores or growths inside the mouth. If a sore or growth is not getting cured for a long time, then there may be a possibility of it becoming cancer. Oral cancer includes cancer of cheeks, tongue, lips, palate, sinuses and pharynx etc.
Oral cancer is one of the many types of head and neck cancer. All types of cancer in this head and neck category are treated in almost the same manner.
Types of head and neck cancer are:

  • Cancer of the hypopharynx (Part of the throat)
  • Cancer of the thyroid gland (Gland on the windpipe)
  • Cancer of the oropharynx (Some area of the throat)
  • Cancer of the nasopharynx (Area at the back of the nose)
  • Cancer of the esophagus (Food pipe)
  • Cancer of the nose and sinuses
  • Cancer of the larynx (Voice box)

Common people get scared after hearing such heavy names of oral cancer. There is no need to panic. Like all diseases, cancer is also a disease, with which medical science has ways to fight.
Research done on cancer shows that those patients have more chances to cure cancer or live longer, in whom cancer is diagnosed at a very early stage.The longer the cancer is detected, the more it spreads. When cancer spreads to many parts of the body, it becomes almost impossible to control it or save the patient.
By now you must have understood how important it is to detect cancer at an early stage. It can save your life.

There are blisters, bleeding or sores in our mouth from time to time. Generally, it gets cured on its own. That’s why we do not understand by looking at any patch,sore, pimple or other growth inside the mouth that they have to be taken seriously or normally they will be cured.
We may not be able to understand any growth or patches in the mouth, but our dentists understand very well. Being a medical practitioner, they have the necessary knowledge and experience in this subject. That’s why it is said to visit your dentist at regular intervals.
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For medical consultation

Symptoms, which should not be ignored, can be cancer.

  • Abnormal weight loss
  • Stiffness/pain in jaw
  • Sore in throat
  • Numbness in face, neck, lip or chin
  • White or red patches in mouth
  • Loose teeth
  • Pain in tongue
  • Pain in mouth
  • Pain in ear
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Any growth or lump
  • Lump in neck
  • Bleeding, when eat something
  • Sore that does not heal within 2-3 week
  • Trouble in wearing dentures
  • Change in voice

Do not ignore any such symptoms. Contact or visit your dentist immediately. If you live in or around Ghaziabad, in case of any kind of dental emergency you can visit the best dentists in Indirapuram Dr. Abhijeet Nigam and Dr. Esha Sharma at the ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’.

Various stages of oral cancer

Doctors often refer to the stages of cancer patients during their examination or treatment. Like ‘This patient is on the first stage of cancer’ or ‘This patient is on the last stage of cancer’. After all, what is the meaning of these stages of cancer? Knowing these stages, can we make an idea about the condition of the patient?

Four main stages of oral cancer-

Stage One – In the first stage, the tumor is 2 cm or less in size. The lymph nodes are not yet affected by the cancer.

Stage Two – In the second stage, the tumor is between 2-4 cm or less in size. The lymph nodes are not yet affected by the cancer.

Stage Three – There can be two situations in this stage. The tumor may be larger than 4 cm and has not spread to lymph nodes. The tumor is either larger than 4 cm and hasn’t spread to the lymph nodes, or is any size and has spread to one lymph node, but not to other bodily parts.

Stage Four – In this fourth and last stage, the tumor has become of any size. Also, the cancer cell has spread to nearby cells, nodes or other parts of the body.

How Is it treated?

Cancer was once considered an incurable disease. Medical science has progressed a lot in the last few decades. Now the treatment of serious cancer is also possible. However, even today the timing of diagnosis is of great importance. The sooner cancer

is detected by tracing the symptoms, the more effective the treatment can be and the chances of survival of the patient also increase.
Let us know by what methods the patient is treated after being diagnosed with cancer. What and how the treatment will be done is decided on the basis of the condition and stage of cancer.


After the examination, when it is found that the cancer is in the initial stage, then in most of the cases the method of surgery is adopted. In this situation, the tumor is removed by operation. The tissues of the mouth and throat around the tumor are also removed as a precautionary measure.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used to stop growth of cancer affected cells. It is well known that the treatments used in the treatment of cancer have side effects. Still doctors use it in the treatment of cancer. The reason is to try to save the patient from a deadly disease like cancer. Despite these side effects, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are still in practice for a greater purpose. Let us know what chemotherapy and radiation therapy and what are its side effects.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is also used in the treatment of cancer. In this therapy, doctors focus radiation beams at the tumor. This therapy lasts for 2 to 8 weeks once or twice a day.

Side effects of Radiation Therapy
Weight loss
Changes in Thyroid glands
Sores in gums
Pain in jaws
Stiffness in jaws
Changes in taste
Changes in smell
Infections in mouth
Dryness in mouth
Tooth decay


Doctors use chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. In this, drugs that kill cancer cells are given to the patient through oral or intravenous lines. So that the growth of cancer cells stops. Many patients are admitted to the hospital for chemotherapy and many patients are not. Doctors decide this according to the condition of the patient.
When the cancer has advanced a lot, both Radiation and Chemotherapy therapy are given together.

Side effects of Chemotherapy
Sores in mouth
Hair loss
Pain in mouth
Pain in gums
Loss of appetite

Risk factors for the oral cancer

Cancer can happen to anyone. Still we can make an effort to point out those people or groups who may be at great risk of developing cancer. It is known that cancer can spread from one generation to another through genetics. Thus those people who have a family history of cancer are at great risk of getting cancer. Apart from this, excessive smoking, drinking alcohol and consuming tobacco increases the risk. Exposure to the sun for too long in an unprotected manner also causes a risk of cancer.


Medical science has not known any hard and fast rule to avoid cancer yet. But by adopting some methods related to prevention, we can definitely reduce its risk.

  • Avoid using tobacco. Be it in the form of cigarette or pan masala, tobacco is harmful in every situation. This can damage the cells of the mouth.
  • Stop or reduce the use of alcohol. The use of alcohol is continuously increasing in our environment. Whether you want to or not, you are getting trapped in the habit of drinking alcohol. Consumption of alcohol is not good for the health of our mouth. try to stay away from it.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays also damages the skin of the lips. If you want to step out in the sun or work outside for a long time, apply sunscreen on your face as well as on your lips.
  • Visit the dental hospital at regular intervals to check your mouth. If there is any kind of unexplained development in the mouth, then discuss it to your dentist. You can also visit the best dentist in Indirapurm, Dr. Abhijeet Nigam and Dr. Esha Sharma at the ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’. Simultaneously you will find all teeth and oral hygiene related services and facilities under one roof. In the ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ Dental clinic in Indirapuram you can get your dental treatment like General Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, Teeth Whitening, Crowns & Bridges, Braces, Dental Implants and more treatment in a healthy and friendly environment.