We all must have heard the word root canal in our life. But most people do not understand what it actually is. So let’s go deeper and try to understand the most popular and mythical terminologies associated with Dental medical science.

Root Canal Therapy or RTC

The treatment of teeth, which is commonly known as RTC, root canal therapy is called endodontic therapy in the pure language of Medicine. In this therapy, the doctor removes the infection inside your tooth by treating it.

After extracting the nerves from the pulp, the inner layer of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Then the filling of the empty space is done.
RTC is needed when oral bacterial infection reaches the pulp inside the tooth. This happens because a hole is formed in the surface of the tooth due to a cavity or some other injury.

Symptoms that should be considered alarming

Persistent dental pain- There can be many reasons for toothache. Pain is felt in every disease related to the teeth. But if the pain is very sharp and is felt in the inner part of the tooth, then there may be infection in your root canal.
Discoloration of tooth- Infection in the pulp affects the blood supply to the tooth, due to which the color of the tooth becomes darker.
Fractured tooth- The bacteria reach the pulp through the crack present in the fractured tooth.
Loose tooth- Due to the pus from pulp, the supporting bone of the tooth becomes weak.
Swelling in gums- The accumulation of pus in the gums can cause swelling of the gums.
Swelling in jaws- Due to swelling in the jaw, you may also need root canal treatment. In fact, when the pus does not find a way out, it affects the jaws.
Sensitivity- Due to internal infection in the teeth, you may have a problem of toothache after eating anything cold or hot.
Pus draining- Sometimes pus drains into the mouth, due to which the taste of the mouth gets spoiled again and again.
Pain when eating- Due to infection in the teeth, pain starts on eating anything.
Pain when touching an infected tooth- If you feel pain when touching the tooth, it is possible that the nerves around the pulp are damaged.

When do you need the guidance of a medical practitioner

If you see any of the symptoms mentioned above in your teeth or mouth, do not be negligent. If you have constant pain in your teeth, it increases when you touch, difficulty in eating and drinking, swelling in the jaws or change in the color of teeth. you should understand that it is time to go to the dentist.
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Procedure of root canal treatment

  1. X-ray and local anesthesia- First of all, the dentist makes an X-ray of the patient’s teeth. Its purpose is to see through X-ray how much is the effect and extent of infection. Then plan the treatment accordingly.
  2. Cavity Preparation- In the next step, the dentist does cavity preparation. He ensured that no previous filling or material is present in the infected tooth. If there is, it is removed so that there is no problem in accessing the pulp of the tooth.
  3. Then the infected pulp is removed. After that the pulp canal is disinfected.
  4. In the next step, the cleaned canal is sealed with filling material.
  5. The last step is restoration and crowning. In this, after filling the crown portion of the tooth with filling, a cap/crown is fitted.

Post-treatment Care

Be careful while brushing. Brush with a soft hand otherwise the treated tooth may get hurt.
Avoid eating any hard and hot things.
Eat soft food
Do not force on the tooth. At this time it is in a very sensitive state.
Till the date crown is applied, take utmost care.
If there is any problem during this, then immediately meet your dentist.

What if root canal treatment is not done?

Many times it has been seen that after seeing the condition of the teeth, the doctor says that root canal treatment will have to be done and gives some medicines immediately. After taking those medicines, the pain goes away and does not recur for several months. Can not getting treatment in this situation be an option? In many cases, it has even been observed that the pain never occurs again. Will this be considered a satisfactory condition?

In fact, what is seen from above is not the whole truth. Stopping pain in an infected tooth indicates that all the nerves inside the tooth have died. This clearly means that the infection has increased manifold.

Is the treatment painful ?

People get scared just after hearing about root canal treatment. They feel that there will be a lot of pain in this treatment, so they keep postponing the treatment. While the reality is the opposite, if you do not get treatment, the pain you will have to bear due to tooth infection will be more painful than that in root canal treatment. Anyway, during this treatment, you are given local anesthesia, due to which you do not feel pain. Doctors give pain relievers for the post-treatment rate.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

You may find the treatment a little bit expensive. But when considering its benefits, it seems worthwhile.

  • Relieves unbearable pain
  • Infection does not spread to other teeth
  • Protects jaws from damage
  • Prevents other possible diseases caused due to infection

Nothing is better than natural teeth. During the treatment of any dental disease, it is the endeavor of every dentist that the natural teeth remain. Root canal treatment gives us a chance to preserve it.

Do root canal treated teeth remain the same as normal teeth?

The answer is no. You will not face any problem in your normal routine. After the treatment, you can do everything with the treated tooth which you used to do with the normal tooth. But you should know that the infected nerves and blood supply nerve are removed in the root canal treated tooth. Because of which you stop feeling anything (hot or cold) in that tooth.

Most people think that after the root canal treatment, there will be no decay in their tooth or any other type of infection. It is wrong to think so. Because the crowning procedure is done after the treatment, there can still be a chance of decay in the space between the gums and the crown. You have to follow the general practices related to dental care even after the treatment.

Rules of Oral hygiene

Here we remind you once what are the basic rules for maintaining oral hygiene. So that there is no infection in your teeth in future.

brushing twice a day
  1. Clean your tongue properly with a tongue cleaner or tooth brush after brushing
  2. After every 3 months change toothbrush
  3. Floss once a day
  4. Regular dentist visits
  5. Use mouthwash
  6. Eat balanced diet
  7. Use fluoride toothpaste
  8. Avoid over brushing
  9. Don’t smoke and drink
  10. Don’t eat sweet thing too much

After how much time will the patient recover after the treatment ?

The person going for root canal is curious to know in advance how long he will return to normal condition after the treatment.
So we solve your curiosity here. After treatment, the patient becomes normal within a few days. Can eat and drink anything comfortably. The dentist will give you painkillers for these days in between.

Where will you get help

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At the end of the article it is clear that serious tooth infection should not be ignored. Instead of listening to hearsay about root canal treatment, consult your dentist. The cure for toothache is not to buy pain killer medicines from the medical store. Teeth are very important for our life, trust your dentist to keep them safe. You cannot be careless about your teeth, consult only well trained and experienced dentists like Dr. Abhijeet Nigam, Dr. Esha Sharma. You can have a consultation session with them in ‘The Dental Tree and Facial Cosmetic Centre’ Dental clinic in Indirapuram.